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Dr. M. Syukri S. M.Si


Muhammad Syukri Surbakti is a lecturer and researcher at Physics Department, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, University of Syiah Kuala, Banda Aceh, Indonesia. He obtained his B. Sc. (1997) with first class honours in Physics from University of Sumatera Utara, Indonesia, M Sc. (2003) in Physics from University of Gadjah Mada, Yogyakarta, Indonesia, and his Ph D. (2013) from University of Science Malaysia, Penang, Malaysia, focussing on development of Geometry of Normalized Electromagnetic System (GNES) for detecting anomalies in Geophysics. The GNES have several Excellencies compared to the HLEM system i.e. the wireless system between the transmitter and the receiver coils, a wide adjustable system for frequency and the signals amplitude adapted for the exploration fields demands, and the geometrical factor reduction by a compensation system. The HLEM has a connecting cable between reference that attached on the transmitter coil with the amplifier input in the receiver console. This connection would be triggered noises due to cable connectivity and the connectors. Otherwise, there is no cable connection between the transmitter console and the receiver console of the GNES. Based on the full wireless system transmission, the transmitter coil has only one coil, as a result that the transmitter becomes a light weight console. The GNES is a new system that adjustments could be made to adapt with field condition. The adjustments i.e. frequency tuning from 1 - 1 MHz, amplification from 1 - 10^6, and physical model variations for many purposes. This system could be developing to many purpose of research activities and laboratory purpose in the University (Physics Laboratory in general and especially in Geophysics Laboratory). ?The University could transforming higher education for sustainable tomorrow, to preserve an own system with own needs to maintain a sustainability. The research are tends to a technology transformation to availability of geophysical system development that have a minimum cost of production and maintenance.?

Penelitian-penelitian yang telah dilakukan merupakan aplikasi di bidang Instrumentasi terutama Instrumentasi Geofisika. Saat ini penelitian yang sedang dijalankan adalah aplikasi eddy current untuk identifikasi material bumi dan kecacatan logam. Beberapa topik penelitian yang telah dilakukan pada Instrumentasi secara umum adalah perangkat antena aktif televisi, sistem telemetri, dan pengembangan aplikasi pengukuran tanpa merusak (Non Destructive Testing). Dalam bidang Instrumentasi Geofisika secara khusus, penelitian berupa pembuatan dan pengembangan sistem pengukuran skala model dan lapangan suatu perangkat pengukuran Geofisika yang diberi nama GNES (Geometry Normalized Electromagnetic System). Pengembangan konfigurasi kumparan pendeteksi untuk pengukuran Geofisika metode Elektromagnetik maupun untuk beberapa aplikasi lain juga secara aktif dilakukan.



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